• Subscription upgrade
    With the NRWupgradeAzubi, you increase the validity area of your AzubiAbo Westfalen to all of NRW for only
    20,00 € per month.
  • Please note
    In order to receive a NRWupgradeAzubi, a valid AzubiAbo Westfalen is required.


  • The NRWupgradeAzubi is an addition to the AzubiAbo Westfalen that you
    can order to be mobile in all of NRW.
  • Valid for any number of trips throughout NRW.
  • Only valid in combination with an AzubiAbo Westfalen and photo ID.

via online order, in the customer centre | Buy ticket here
around the clock
1 person
Bring-along option
Night bus use
not included
Contractor: minimum age of 18 (age of ticket holder may vary), Complete attestation of the training facility, school or sponsor of the social service (see order form) required
Minimum contract period
12 months, then a new application is required
monthly via SEPA direct debit
Area of ApplicationPrice
per Month
Whole of North Rhine-Westphalia20,00 €

Prices valid from: 01.08.2023

Frequently asked Questions about the AzubiAbo Westfalen

The AzubiAbo Westfalen always starts on the 1st of the month for which you order it. Therefore, the application must be submitted to us until the 15th of the previous month. The subscription then runs for at least 12 months or until the end of the traineeship. To have it renewed after the initial 12 months, an extension request with current proof of eligibility must be made.

You will receive your 12 tokens together with the ticket via mail. Please put the tokens on your ticket each month to show its validity. For this, affix the token on the appropriate place on the ticket the first day of each month.

The AzubiAbo Westfalen is the subscription for trainees to be mobile within the whole of Westphalia. With the NRWupgradeAzubi, owners of the AzubiAbo can use buses and trains around the clock not only in Westphalia but in all of NRW. This will only cost you a monthly surcharge of 20,00 €. The NRWupgradeAzubi is also available as a subscription and is valid, like the AzubiAbo Westfalen, for 12 months or until the end of the traineeship. The NRWupgradeAzubi can be purchased at the same transportation companies as the AzubiAbo Westfalen.

By the way: It’s always worth asking your employer for cost absorption, since employee benefits for using public transport are fully deductible as operating expenses.

You can order the AzubiAbo Westfalen online or purchase it in our customer center at the Kamp. Alternatively, you could also print out the order form, fill it out and send it via mail to PaderSprinter GmbH, Barkhauser Straße 6, 33106 Paderborn or hand it in personally in our customer center at the Kamp.

The AzubiAbo Westfalen is a subscription for trainees, master students, civil service trainees and people in voluntary services. You can find more information on eligible persons in the order form.

At the time of the order, the contractor must be at least 18 years old. The age of the ticket holder may differ. While processing your subscription request, we will gather information about your credit rating and the credit rating of the account holder from a credit agency. On a negative credit rating, we are not obliged to grant the subscription request.

The sum for the AzubiAbo Westfalen will be charged on the 6th of each month.

For your AzubiAbo Westfalen, you will receive the 12 tokens directly together with your ticket via mail. Please put the tokens on your AzubiAbo Westfalen each month to prove its validity. For this, affix the token on the appropriate place on the ticket the first day of each month.

Important: Should you not have received your tokens within the aforementioned time, please contact us immediately.

If the minimum contract period has elapsed without termination on the expiry date, the contractual relationship is tacitly extended for an indefinite period. The subscription can be terminated at any time at the end of a calendar month. The termination must be in text form. The remaining tokens for the period after termination must be submitted to us immediately after the end of the last subscription month used, otherwise a fee will be charged. This fee corresponds to the value of the tokens still held by the subscriber.

Of course, you can also cancel before the end of the regular minimum contract period. In this case, the difference in value between the subscription price and the price of the corresponding time ticket in individual sales for the past subscription period will be charged. In this case, the amount of the subsequent payment may not be higher than the remaining amount in the event of fulfillment of the contract term. The subsequent charging of subscription tickets, which are offered exclusively on a subscription basis, is governed by the tariff provisions. In addition, a processing fee may also be charged.

However, this does not apply to the last year of training, as the AzubiAbo Westfalen ends automatically after the end of the training period.

Should you ever have lost your AzubiAbo Westfalen we will issue a replacement ticket. This will cost 7,00 €. Please bring all remaining tokens that you have received so we can replace those as well. This is because your new ticket will have a new ticket number. For the subscription to be valid, the number on the ticket and on the tokens must be identical.
For every lost (or rather new) token, we charge 15,00 €.

No, the Night Bus is an additional offer and is not included in the regular trip offers. Instead of a Single ticket, only the Night Bus surcharge of 2,00 € will be charged.

If your personal information has changed, please inform us about the new information immediately. Any changes can be considered for the first day of a month of validity as long as you inform us about the changes until the 15th of the previous month.

Any changes in the account requires presentation of a SEPA direct debit mandate from the account holder.

Should you not use your AzubiAbo Westfalen due to vacation, sickness or loss, this does not constitute an interruption in the subscription contract. There will be no reimbursement of fares due to not using the subscription.