• Note
    In addition to the valid Schüler/Azubi MonatsTicket, a WestfalenTarif customer card must be owned. You can find the application for the customer card in our customer center at Westernmauer 18 or download it below as a PDF.


  • This ticket is for all students, trainees, civil servants, interns,
    persons doing voluntary work and others eligible for reduced bus fares
    acc. to § 45a PBefG.
  • Changing buses, breaks in the trip as well as return or round trips are allowed.
  • This ticket is valid for one calendar month. If the first workday of the following month is a Saturday or Sunday, the ticket is even valid until the following work day. The last trip must be finished at 3 o’clock the following day (end of operations).
  • This ticket is only valid in combination with a WestfalenTarif customer card
    and a token.

at the ticket vending machine, in the customer centre, at the sales centres | Buy ticket here
1 calendar month
1 person
Bring-along option
Night bus use
subject to surcharge (per person)
Ticket must be filled out with the personal information of the ticket holder with ink or ball pen before the first journey, Customer card required, From age 15 with the school’s attestation, Complete attestation of the training facility, school or sponsor of the social service (see order form) required
Area of ApplicationPrice LevelPrice
per Month
Inner or outer Area of Paderborn0H56,50 €
City Area of Paderborn
1H73,00 €

Prices valid from: 01.08.2023

Information about the customer card

A Schüler/Azubi MonatsTicket is only valid in combination with a WestfalenTarif customer card. To issue one, we need a filled-out application form from you. For this, your school or place of traineeship must confirm you’re a student or trainee (only from 15 years up). The free application form is available at our customer center at Westernmauer 18 or as a PDF for download. For each school year, the application must be renewed.

Kundenkarten-Antrag für das Schüler/Azubi MonatsTicket

  • Before the first trip, the card must be signed in ink or ball pen.

  • Provide the customer card with a current photo.

  • Always renew the card on time and enter the number of the customer card on the ticket; otherwise, the ticket is not valid.