• Information
    This ticket is for recipients of unemployment benefits such as Arbeitslosengeld II and Sozialgeld (SGB II), benefits for old-age basic income or due to reduction in earning capacity, regular subsistence allowances ("Sozialhilfe", SGB XII), standard benefits from the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act and welfare benefits for war victims.
  • Note
    Invalid, changed, laminated or fraudulently used tickets will be collected without replacement.


  • The ticket is valid for one calendar month. If the first workday of the following month is a Saturday or Sunday, the ticket is valid until the next workday.
  • Valid for any number of trips within the chosen price level.
  • Changing buses, breaks in the trip as well as return or round trips are allowed.
  • Only valid in combination with a customer card issued by the competent authorities of the municipality and photo ID.

at the ticket vending machine, in the customer centre, at the sales centres, from the driving staff | Buy ticket here
around the clock
Bring-along option
Night bus use
subject to surcharge (per person)
Customer card required
Area of ApplicationPrice LevelPrice
City Area of Paderborn1H26,50 €
Districts of Paderborn and Höxter6H38,00 €

Prices valid from: 01.08.2023

How to get your FairTicket

  • Step 1: Customer card

    If you want to purchase the FairTicket, you first need a customer card, which is free of cost. You can receive a customer card at the Jobcenter, the social welfare office or at your local city office. What you need: an official photo ID (e. g. identity card or driving license) and your benefits ruling.

  • Step 2: Signing your customer card

    Important: The customer card is not a valid ticket! You need to have a customer card to be eligible for the purchase of a FairTicket. Therefore, please legibly sign your customer card.

  • Step 3: Purchasing your FairTicket

    With your signed customer card, you’re now eligible for the purchase of a FairTicket.

  • Step 4: Enter the number of your customer card

    Enter the number of your customer card into your FairTicket. Important: The FairTicket is only valid in combination with an official photo ID (e. g. identity card or driving license) and the signed customer card.