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    With an Extension ticket, holders of a Time or Subscription ticket only pay for the route the travel in addition to their ticket and therefore pay less than the purchase of a Single ticket.
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    Should you however want to visit places in Westphalia, the GoFurtherTicket Westphalia is the best ticket option for you.


  • This ticket is available for passengers which already own a Time or Subscription ticket.
  • This ticket is valid immediately upon purchase.
  • This ticket allows for trips that go further than what the Time or Subscription ticket would allow.
  • Where several persons travel with the same Time or Subscription ticket (as with the bring along option), each person must purchase their own Extension ticket.

at the ticket vending machine, from the driving staff | Buy ticket here
1 Fahrt
1 Person
Bring-along option
Besitz eines Zeittickets oder Abos


You own a PaderTicket Premium for the Paderborn urban area of price level 1H. Now you want to travel to Delbrück, for example, with your Subscription ticket. This is exactly what the Extension ticket is for. You just purchase an Extension ticket from the city limits of
price level 3H.