Group ticket

  • Registration
    Please note that for groups of 20 or more, the journey needs to be registered: easily done from your home online or by phone under 05251 6997 0.
  • Information
    You can use our group rate for groups of 11 paying persons (see example below).


  • 11 paying persons travelling together as a group with the same destination only travel for the price of the ticket for children.
  • This means: For every passenger (15 years or older), only the price of a ticket for children of the appropriate price level will be charged.
  • Two school children age 6 to 14 can travel together with only one ticket for children (a single child in this age group receives no further discount and pays the price of a ticket for children).

from the driving staff | Buy ticket here
90 minutes
minimum 11 persons
Bring-along option
Night bus use
subject to surcharge (per person)


A group consisting of 15 adults and 7 children age 6 to 14 travel together from Paderborn main Station to the bus stop “Padersee”. For this trip in the price level PB, the group pays a total of 28,50 € for the Group ticket. The 15 adults pay the price of 1,50 € for a ticket for children per person. Since for a Group ticket, 2 children aged 6 to 14 count as 1 person, of the 7 children, each pair of two together and one child by itself pay 1,50 € each.