Your smartphone now becomes a ticket vending machine

Download the Fahrplan-App and start saving

From now on, you can download your ticket directly in the Fahrplan-App – either from within the timetable information or via the quick buy option. All you need is your smartphone and the Fahrplan-App, which you can download for free in the App Store and on Google Play. Once registered for the ticket purchase, you can always get the right bus ticket from anywhere.

And the best: Since you purchase your ticket digitally, you save about 20 percent on a Single ticket.

Instead of 2,70 Euro (cash price), you only pay 2,20 Euro for the Single ticket. Now that’s relaxed travelling!

Just a few steps to your online ticket

The Fahrplan-App from PaderSprinter is a fast and easy way to purchase your online ticket:

Step 1: Download the app & register for ticket purchase

The Fahrplan-App is free of charge and available for iOS and Android operating systems. Just download the app in the App Store or on Google Play.

To purchase tickets via the app, you need to register once with your personal information on and supply the payment information.

Step 2: Select ticket

The app offers two different options for purchasing your online ticket:

  • Direct purchase: Go to the menu option “Tickets”, select the desired ticket and purchase it.
  • Purchase via the timetable information: While looking at a connection, our app will automatically offer you the right ticket for purchase.

Step 3: Ticket purchase

You can choose to purchase your online ticket either

  • via SEPA direct debit,
  • by credit card or
  • via PayPal.

All done! Your ticket will now be displayed as a barcode within the app and you can start your journey.

It is not sufficient to send a screenshot of the ticket, e. g. to your children, grandchildren or friends.
The ticket must have been purchased on the device the ticket owner is travelling with.